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Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite | Unboxing & Tour | Best Budget 5G Phone?

Unboxing the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite, a budget 5G smartphone boasting impressive camera tech, specs and gaming chops. In the UK you can grab the Mi 10T Lite for just £229, impressive value given the features crammed in there – including a 64MP primary shooter, 120Hz display and full 5G support. Full review coming soon but here’s a tour of the best bits!

While the Pro served up a 108MP main camera, this 64MP snapper still boasts Sony’s IMX682 sensor and can capture good looking photos and 4K video. The Snapdragon 750G chipset is also good enough for gaming with PubG, Call of Duty and so on. And battery life should be strong thanks to the near-5000mAh cell stuffed inside.

You also have a 120Hz IPS screen, which looks just as slick and smooth as Xiaomi’s 144Hz panel on the Pro. Meanwhile the Mi 10T Lite serves up a gorgeous matt glass finish, which repels fingerprints admirably.

In my full review I’ll be exploring this phone’s camera tech, gaming performance, battery life and everything else. If you’ve been using this Xiaomi blower let me know your own thoughts down below!